Resoutions 2013

And, ends 2012! And, here begins the all new 2013! Many of my buddies are done with their lists of resolutions; so am I. And, here goes my list of Resolutions 2013.


Power Yoga

I’m 30 and working as a Sr. Writer with a company. I spend all day sitting at my chair, writing Blogs, Articles, PRs and Web site Content for clients. By the end of the day, i feel powerless; so powerless that i can’t even take my shoulders back and stretch. So, i feel i need Power; and what could be better than weekend classes of Power Yoga!

Finance Guys! when will i get my salary for this month???


I wanna kiss:) yes!!!

Okay, i admit i’ve had my share of kisses before. And, even after 6 and half years (since my first kiss), i can still feel the sensation on my lips (which are still so soft). If i close my eyes and go to the night when i held her in my arms, brought her closer and bang! that was my first kiss and that was so perfect. We kissed for some 60 seconds; would that be considered a smooch?

I again want to kiss; kind of feat i want to perform this year:) no date fixed yet.


I want to travel far and wide; even Bangkok is on my radar

The Travel-Bug bit me last year. I took a solo trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh; i wanted to go a bit further, but i was running out of cash so i had to cancel my plan and return back to Delhi, my home.


I wanna Wear the Dancing Shoes:)

No more i want to stop myself from doing what my heart tells me to do. I always wanted to be a Break-Dancer, like Mithun Da (was he the Disco-Dancer?) I want to learn dancing (be it any form) and i’m going to do that before March Month Begins.

I think, i’m good with those Slow-Movements; you know those robot-inspired movements; what you call that dance form?


I want my Blog to be chosen for WordPress’ Home Page

Okay, okay, okay! I understand this may not qualify as a Resolution, but hey, i seriously want my Blog there, standing tall on the WordPress’ Freshly Pressed Page; I too want that ‘Featured on WordPress’ stamp on the side of my Blog. Oh my dear God! How long I’ve to wait for my share of Name, Fame and ….. (not able to find a word that could resonate with this Name and Fame thing; no, Shame won’t look good here).

In this year, i want to see this Blog of mine chosen for WordPress’ Home Page so the world can see the genius in me:)

WordPress! are you listening? Hello! Hello! Anybody there:)


I’m done with my list of Resolutions; tell me what your resolutions are?


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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