What should I write in this post?


It’s been many days since I wrote a new post. I’m sitting in my office, and have just done with an article for an important client of ours. The thought that I haven’t written anything for my Blog for so many days disturbed me, so I thought to give it a try, and logged in.

Once in my dashboard, I checked the Reader, and there, I came across this thing from WordPress’s Daily Post, ‘Set a timer for 10 minutes and write whatever you feel like writing’. I started out without anything on my mind; just not able to think of any topic I can write on, so just typing down what I’m feeling like. I’m feeling a bit afraid as it’d finally go on my Blog. God! I’ve already started feeling butterflies in my stomach; some 101 butterflies; time is running out; I’ve got only 5 minutes left; I’m not sure whether I should put this post on my blog, without giving it a second check?

You know what, a lot of new things are forming up in my life! For years, I thought of singing, dancing, learning martial arts, and a lot of other things; this time, I’ve started taking action. Oh my d dogs! I’ve got only 3 minutes left!

I think, I should publish this post of mine, without any editing because nobody really cares about whether there is new post on my blog or not. I’m not complaining! I’m just…………. Crying!!!

Okay, it’s all done; I’ve no more time; I’m done with the given 10 minutes; just hope the post doesn’t have too many errors!


Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go



3 thoughts on “What should I write in this post?

  1. Hey there! It’s been a couple of years since you posted this one and you still have got it going 🙂
    I’ve just written about this same prompt and decided to see what other people had in their heads while writing this 😉

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