A Letter to The Brave Girl (who’s no longer with us)

Hi there!

Hope you’re in good company! Ahhhh… thought to write a letter to tell you that all those days when you were with us, you weren’t alone suffering the pain, we too were there with you, we too were feeling the pain you were going through. We all prayed for you, for your family.

Alas! things didn’t turn out our way; God had a different plan for you: He must have thought that we didn’t deserve you so He called you back to soothe your paining, tattered soul. Hope He is taking good care of you!

Now that you’ve reached the final abode, free from the worldly pain (as the religious texts say), we’re still crying for you, we still want you back so badly.

We’re taking out marches, we’ve jammed the India Gate and the Jantar Mantar; and, in doing all this, we’ve defied all constraints of Caste, Creed and Colour; we’ve come together to ensure that those bastards get the most-painful deaths, ever heard or read in History. We just hope it brings a little joy to you, to your shattered family!

like millions of people in Delhi and across the country and continents, i too want to send out a Loud and Clear message to all the bastards (who think they can ruin life of any girl and nothing will be done to them) that we no longer will wait for police and judicial system; we’ll end those bastards  then and there! We’ll end them then and there!

I wanted to meet you; i wanted to give you a bouquet; i wanted to tell you that you’ve become an idol (who never gives up!) for me and millions of others in the city. Alas! i would never be able to tell you this! But, i’ll meet your parents; i’ll.

Dear God! this is for you: See, this girl is very special and since you’re my best-buddy, you got to take very good care of this girl. I don’t want any complains.



a crying soul…


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