How to Speak Fluent English in Just 90 Days

You’re hard working. Good looking. And earn well as well. But you fear speaking in English. Some days, you wish for someone who could teach you English in one day or one night so that next morning you can go to your office and surprise all your colleagues with your new avatar. It’s not that […]

For Rock Climbing in Delhi, Go to IMF, Delhi

When was the last time you went for a rock climbing or wall climbing?   Chances are it’s been months. But you can still feel those moments running like a movie before your eyes. What fun that rock climbing session was!!!     If you want to relive those moments, head towards IMF, Delhi. The […]

My morning rituals. They make me better.

Every morning, when i come to senses, i hear someone deep inside saying, “Buddy, you’ve got two choices to make this morning – either to be happy or to live this day as if you are not required on the planet.” I choose to be happy, to have a smile on my face, to be motivated, to encourage people around me.

I sleep a little more. I take few deep breaths. Stretch with a smile on my face. Wake up. But do not get out of the bed straightaway. I take my time to step out. With closed eyes, i mutter a few words like, “Thank you! I don’t know much about you, but i still love you. I love you because you gave a wonderful family. I love you for the kind of people i am surrounded with. I love you for everything you gave me, including the girl whom i am about to marry. And thanks for everything that you didn’t give me, including that awesome looking Audi A6.

Once i’m done with prayer-sort of thing, i keep my one foot and then the other foot on the floor, and walks to my balcony, from where i get to see kids going to their schools. Continue reading “My morning rituals. They make me better.”

Resoutions 2013

And, ends 2012! And, here begins the all new 2013! Many of my buddies are done with their lists of resolutions; so am I. And, here goes my list of Resolutions 2013. 5. Power Yoga I’m 30 and working as a Sr. Writer with a company. I spend all day sitting at my chair, writing […]