My Grandfather

I do not remember his face. But my mom says he was very happy when I was born. And that when I was 2 or 3 years old, he would take me around on his shoulder. We have two photos of him. In one photo, he is sitting in his army dress along with other […]


Daily Prompt Visceral   Somewhere, till this moment, I had a little hope in my heart. Hope that she’d say yes. Hope that she’d, someday, become part of my life. That hope died the very second she cut the phone. She respected me. But she didn’t love me. I was in tears. My heart was […]


Daily Prompt Ooze Did you heard the cry? My cousin asked. She was smiling. But I was nervous. I hadn’t heard any cry. I was just lost somewhere, thinking about Pratima. Someone cried again. And I heard that cry this time. And for a second, I didn’t believe that I heard something. Pratima was in […]