She didn’t believe in magic.

She was studious. Tall. Fair. And determined to change the world around her.

Though she grew up in a family which deeply believed in Good, Evil, and Magic, she never believed them. She believed in hard work. And make things happen, no matter what comes. But things changed one Sunday morning.

She was still in her bed. It had been an exhausting week. And today, all she wanted to be in her bed, drinking her favourite coffee all day. Her room mate had gone to her parents a day ago. So she was all alone in that one room apartment.

And while she took the last sip from her coffee mug, she heard a sound in her bathroom. She ignored it. But she heard the sound again. It was like someone from deep underground was moaning in a slow, harsh voice. She thought it’s just her imagination. But when the thing didn’t end, she relentlessly got up from her bed. She was still in her police uniform.

Her dry feet made no sound. She gently put her hand on the bathroom door. Took a breath. And pushed it inside. And there…

And there, she saw him. It must have been 5 years since she last saw him.

He was her boyfriend then. They were in the relationship for one year, or maybe 2 years. And then they parted their ways. It was a restaurant where she met her the last time, to tell him on his face that she no longer going to take any shit from him, that she has decided to move ahead. They fought that day. But, by the time she came out of that restaurant, things had been sorted out. At least, she thought that way.

Next day, the city newspaper published a small news piece around a 28 year old college dropout who committed suicide. She read that news too. And that day, she didn’t stop crying. Next week, she packed her bags up and moved to a new city where she would follow her dreams in a whole new way, without carrying any baggage of her past.

The figure in the bathroom was staring at her. She wanted to cry, she wanted to shout, she wanted to run, but her body had become frozen. All she was doing was breathing. Breathing hard.

She could see that smile playing on his lips. And she could also see that the man was holding something in his hand behind his back. She knew she was going to die any minute.

The figure came closer. And she could feel her heart beatings getting louder and louder. Those beats were getting unbearable. She thought she could get a heart attack anytime. She was ready to die.

Someone from behind threw a white handkerchief over that figure. And seconds later, the bathroom was full of loud cries. The figure was oozing white coloured blood. Small, blue coloured ants were flowing out of the nose, eyes, and ears of that figure. This went on for a few minutes. And then everything – every single thing about that man – disappeared.

She fell down on the floor.

When she woke up, she was in her bed. Her room mate was by her bed side.

She never got to know how the hell all that happened with her. Was that real? How come she saw her former boyfriend in her bathroom? Where that white handkerchief came from?

She never believed in Good, Evil, and Magic all her life. But after that incident. Things changed for sure.


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