If I had the power to change something, I would change…

Let me confess: this is not the first time I am thinking about having a supernatural power and change the world with it; I have thought about it a lot of times. So when I saw this writing prompt here, I knew I had to write something about this.

So assuming that I have the power to change something, I would, for sure, change the way we have been treating our nature around. The way we have been cutting treas, polluting our rivers, and driving around more and more cars and thus doing all we can to enforce a climate change that is certainly not good for us.

Once I get some success at making people aware about their environment and that they don’t degrade it, I will then try to change the way a lot of men look at women, or the way they think about women.

This is really seriously. No matter, whether we are in India or US or UK or in some other developing or developed country, women haven’t still got the respect they so deserve. I will use my superpower to make this seemingly impossible thing happen.

One last thing that I think I will like to change with my newly found superpower is to help people rid of the so called spiritual gurus. I really think they don’t add any sort of value to your life. They just make you believe that you need their blessings if you want to live a good life, and that they can do anything they wish, and that they are no lesser than God. I think it’s time people should realize that they have to solve their problems on their own; and that nobody else can, and will, do it for them.

I am done with the things I will do if I get some superpower to change something.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me, what will you do if you get this superpower?

So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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