I write because it makes me feel special.

Yes, it makes me feel special.

And I also earn my living out of it.

Writing also lightens me – and makes me feel good about myself.

I write in English. And I write in Hindi. And I am getting better at both, every day.

I do not come from a writing background – and my parents and brothers still haven’t much idea about what I do in the company I write for.

Someday, I want to write down a book. But as of now, I just want to focus on this blog.

Deep down, I feel I’m not that passionate about my writing – and may be that’s why, my writing doesn’t have that sharpness, that magic. But yes, I want to work on my craft. I want to get better at it. And somehow, I feel when I write everyday for my company and for this blog, I get better automatically.

Raison D’être
Why do you create? Publish a post about your artistic raison d’être.

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What it takes to write well?

I believe you need to have a great understanding of what you’re writing for, if you want to write something that people find interesting and inspiring.

You need to know the topic or subject so well that you can close your eyes and see it right there, in-front-of you. Unless you’ve this kind  familiarity with what you’re writing about, the uncertainty will reflect in your writing and mar the user experience you want to create through your copy.

Second, you got to be very selective with the words that you use in your copy or blog or whatever you’re writing. Remember, in writing or life in general, what matters most is how you say it or write it, rather than what you say or write about.

Pick the right words and weave them together with passion and power – and yes, don’t forget to omit needless words from your writing (remember the rule so very clearly mentioned in the ‘Style of Elements’?)

Third thing is editing – You can edit your work right away. Or, can wait for a day or two to come to the piece with a set of fresh eyes. Read your work aloud so that you can figure out if the flow is right and words are making sense.

Writing, as they say, is a craft. Even the best players in the game have sweated it out for years before they became everybody’s envy in the writing world. You, I, we also need to go through the same process – sadly, there’re no shortcuts to writing that touches hearts and evokes emotions. If you want to write well, you’ve to sit and bleed.

This is my take on writing. You might have a different one. So why don’t we talk about that?

Share your ideas on writing in the comments below.

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Growing with your baby

Read my last couple of posts and you’ll get to know that I’ve recently been blessed with a baby boy!

It’s been more than 3 months now since he has come into our lives.

And somehow I feel that he has taught us a lot in these 3 months or so. And I feel that it’ not just the babies that grow with time, it’s also us the parents that grow with our babies.

We grow to become better human-beings. We grow to become more patient when our babies don’t let us sleep when all we want in this world is a good night’s sleep.

We grow and realize what our parents did for us when we were babies.

I’m growing with my child.

What about you?

Share your story.

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Your life can change in just one minute

I remember I once read an inspirational book with this kind of title: your life can change in one minute or so.

It’s been years since I read that book. I don’t know where I kept or thrown that book. Honestly speaking, I don’t care.

But yesterday I was in metro. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought about this book, particularly its title. I wondered whether we can really change our lives, and that too in one minute or one hour or one day.

Is it possible to change who we are, how we are, what do we have, or what do we want to have? Is it really possible?

Yes, I’ve heard about, read about people in those rags-to-riches stories. But let’s get real, how many of us succeed in having the courage to dream big and then chase that dream?

I got out of metro and started treading towards my home on foot.

And then in that moment, I felt like that we indeed have powers – powers to change us, our lives in just one minute, in just one second.

In one minute, when we close our eyes and promise ourselves that we will never be the same again.

In one minute, when we shed our fears of losing our jobs and become authentic, to speak our mind.

In one minute, when we prepare to face the consequences of chasing dreams.

In one minute, when we realize that we’ll all eventually die, will be cremated, and forgotten sooner or later.

In one minute, when we realize that we’re really short on time – and that we just cannot afford living some others’ live – that we must live ours – that we must walk our path.

Our daily life crushes our dreams, our aspirations, our hopes – but then if only we continue to find a little time for ourselves to think through,  to take risks, we’ll really be able to make a difference, and live a life beautifully.

What’s your take on this? Can we really change our lives or one aspect of it?

Let’s talk.

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For the nights, when your baby doesn’t let you sleep

My little birdie has given us more than our share of sleepless nights. He is 3 months now, but still keeps us awake most nights.

When you get a baby in your life, a lot changes in and around two of you. If your baby is also giving you more sleepless nights than normal, you can try some of the things or all of the things that we learnt online and tried at home.

See whether your baby has colic – it’s a condition wherein your baby cries a lot than normal and thus keeps you awake most nights.

See a child specialist. There’re medicines for colic and that should help.

Getting to know about a thing also makes you mentally prepare for the same.

Babies get a lot of gas. My baby seemed full of gas for some days. Twisting him to a this side or that side will be enough to make him fart 🙂

There’s a lot you can do to help you baby get the gas out of their systems. I’m talking about massages, medicines, and care. Get on youtube, read books on child care, and regularly see your doctor to ensure your child spends most time smiling, cooing, and growing than farting, crying, and keeping you awake and restless for the coming day.

Music also helps. Soft music. Try different tracks and see which one your baby seems to like.

Speaking with parents who’ve been there and have seen and done it all will also help you know your baby better and thus get more sleep during nights.

Last, it is important that you get a little time for yourself as well. You need time to be you, to get connected with the outer world, to get re-energized to play your role as a mom or dad beautifully – so if you stay with mom or dad or brothers the way we do, you can go out for a walk in the morning and evening keeping the baby safe in the custody of your parents or in-laws. And don’t forget your friends. Call them up if you live alone and are finding it difficult to pull it all together on your own.

I’m done – now it’s over to you. How did you survive your days as a first time parent or how you doing it now? Share your tips in the comment box below.






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Being a first time father

He’s now 3 months and 10 days old.

And he’s so very adorable.

Gave me many sleepless nights though. And taught me lots of things. Holding a baby as gentle as love and as naughty as wile air. Oh, forgot, I also learnt to wear him diapers and change them.

I even bottle feed him.

I remember the first time I saw his tiny body. He was so red.

For 24-hours or so, he was kept on a warmer. Naked. Crying. And I would watch him helplessly from a distance.

Cannot tell you how I felt when I held him for the first time in my hands. He was so delicate, so light, so divine. My eyes were moist. And I even cried in the hospital bathroom. I was so very happy being a father!

He’s grown a lot in these 3 months. He’s very active, very powerful, and very noisy.

He gave me, my wife, and rest of the family a tough time in his 4th to 6th week period. I think it was colic (a condition wherein kids cry way more than they usually do and this condition often appears in kids when they’re between one and one-and-a half months old).

He’s 3 months now and spends most of his time sleeping, cooing, and looking at far corners of our room’s ceilings. Pratima and mom were a bit concerned about this habit of his. So I looked for information on this thing through Google. And there I got to know that kids across continents and countries do this. And though I couldn’t find any logical explanation of this behaviour among kids, there was one common thing that parents were saying.

That kids look at angles these times – angles that protect them. Some even said that their parents or grand parents visit to see them. I don’t believe this, but my kid does look at ceilings and smiles and coos.

And yes, he farts a lot.

Will tell you more in my next posts. Your kid must be doing the same things. So share that as well in the comments below.

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Hello, 2016: Perspectives on a New Year of Blogging

Three writers reflect on goals, habits, and a new year of blogging.

Source: Hello, 2016: Perspectives on a New Year of Blogging

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