Daily Prompt Ooze

Did you heard the cry? My cousin asked. She was smiling. But I was nervous.

I hadn’t heard any cry.

I was just lost somewhere, thinking about Pratima.

Someone cried again. And I heard that cry this time.

And for a second, I didn’t believe that I heard something.

Pratima was in the operation theatre. For her delivery. And I was standing and waiting outside, along with my cousin. And then, I saw a doctor rushing out of the OT.

It’s a boy. He said. And before I could say or ask something, he sped somewhere.

He appeared again after a minute or so. The boy is not breathing properly. We might have to shift him to some other hospital. Or, if you say, we can treat him here as well.

I stood motionless. Then do it here.I said. And he got back in the OT again.

My family came in the hospital by that time. And then, the nurse brought the boy out of the OT to take him to the maternity ward. My mother and cousin followed her. My mother worried the hospital might steal the boy.

I resisted the emotions in my heart and soul to go get inside and hold my boy close to my heart. I just stayed outside the maternity ward. Those few minutes seemed like years.

And then my cousin came outside the ward. Looked at me with smile on her face, and asked to go in and see the boy. And I almost ran inside!

I looked at Pratima first. She was unconscious. I touched her forehead and looked at her for a minute. Somewhere deep in my heard, i said her Thank You. And then I saw my boy in the arms of her Dadi (grandmother). She looked at my face, and then looked at the face of my boy. And asked me to hold the boy in my arms very carefully.

He was so light 🙂 though he weighed 3.5 kg at his birth.

I was scared that I would drop him. He was so tiny. And I never held such a tiny thing, such a precious thing, ever in my arms. My heart skipped a beat or two. And then I looked at his face, into his eyes.

His eyes were closed that time, I think. I was oozing all over with emotions that I never felt before. Emotions that I think only a father will have. I held him close for some time. And promised him that his dad is going to make sure that his boy lives a great life.

Pratima along with the boy and me and my younger brother stayed in hospital for 3 days.

For the next 6 months or more, we were struggling to find a name for this boy. My colleagues would tease me for not naming my baby for this long time. I had two names in my mind, Aaditya and Agastya, but somehow we ended up with Arjun 🙂 

He’s now one and half years old 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ooze

  1. A moving account of a transformative moment. Someone recently said to me “live life in the moment.” And the context of the conversation was we spent too much time online as If these relationships aren’t real. I too have find some incredibly kind and warm people through the world of blogging. Thanks for sharing this it has touched me.

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