My morning rituals. They make me better.

Every morning, when i come to senses, i hear someone deep inside saying, “Buddy, you’ve got two choices to make this morning – either to be happy or to live this day as if you are not required on the planet.” I choose to be happy, to have a smile on my face, to be motivated, to encourage people around me.

I sleep a little more. I take few deep breaths. Stretch with a smile on my face. Wake up. But do not get out of the bed straightaway. I take my time to step out. With closed eyes, i mutter a few words like, “Thank you! I don’t know much about you, but i still love you. I love you because you gave a wonderful family. I love you for the kind of people i am surrounded with. I love you for everything you gave me, including the girl whom i am about to marry. And thanks for everything that you didn’t give me, including that awesome looking Audi A6.

Once i’m done with prayer-sort of thing, i keep my one foot and then the other foot on the floor, and walks to my balcony, from where i get to see kids going to their schools. Continue reading “My morning rituals. They make me better.”