I’m not angry these days

I’m not angry right now. And I wasn’t angry yesterday or day before yesterday. I think I’m having some angry-less days these days. Not bad.

But, I do get Angry.

I get angry when I see people talking endlessly without having any idea of what they’re talking about, and that the other person is simply not interesting in listening to their jabbering.

I get angry when I see people playing bad with the environment, with the resources that we-the-people own, with the country as a whole.

And yes, I get angry when kids are raped, when women are raped and the culprits are not caught, not hanged, not killed into pieces.

Yes, I do get angry.

And when I get angry, you can see it right on my face, in my eyes, and the way I’m standing there.

But these days, I’m not feeling that much anger in my thoughts, in my blood.

What about you?

Are you angry on someone, something? Tell me, I won’t tell anybody.


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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