I don’t remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning.

But yes, there’s this one Dream that I so vividly remember.

Dream wherein I won won Rs. 5000000.

And then I wondered about what to do with it.

Dad suggested that we should buy a home with this money. I said no.

I think I didn’t want to part with this 5000000. So I thought of other options.

I thought of depositing the money in a bank which could promise me a 10 per cent interest.

Which comes down to Rs. 500000 a year! Not bad.

This way, I’d be spending only the interests all my life. And never have to work to pay my bills.

And, I’ll be able to do what I would feel like to do, since I don’t have to worry about my bread & butter.

Oh, how I wish this dream comes true some day! But till then, I have to go to my office, write down copy after copy, even when I don’t want to write, or don’t want to be there.

God, you listening?


4 thoughts on “Dream

  1. My two-cents/twenty bucks: 5 Cr. would be the right amount to dream of. 50L isn’t going to really last a long time – I mean, you could be eating lakh-takiya chocolates in about ten years from now 😀 Thanks for the Follow on my wordpress blog. Unfortunately, I’ll be posting on my new blog now, so if you’d like to, will you follow my other blog (ref to the header info in this comment.)

    1. Okay then, God can you please make it 5 crores?:)
      Thanks for your lovely comment, Anand! And don’t worry, I can follow you anywhere to read from you.
      Best of luck for your new site!

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