South – Direction, State, and Movies

What is South to me?

It’s a direction.

And it’s a part of India that I’ve never been to.

When I think about South (India), states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala come to my mind. I think I want to spend some time in Kerala – have heard a lot about it and its scenic beauty.

What else about South?

Let me think.

Okay, some dishes have also started floating before my eyes, especially Idli-Sambhar. They make up a great breakfast. Of late, I’ve been thinking to teach my mom how to make Idli Sambhar.

My wife knows the recipe, but she seems too lazy to make it 🙂

Just read a beautiful post on this same prompt, written by Vijaya Sundaram –I think you must read the post –

What else fascinates me about South it its movie industry – God, you must watch South Indian movies, especially their action scenes.  If you’re a hero in the movie, you can do anything – anything that God can do. You can stop fast trains. You can fight with 100 or 200 goons at one time.

I love the movies – but, of course, not all.

I think I’m done with the post.

Have you been to South India? Or, live there? Then please let me know the best way to explore the gem that is South India.


2 thoughts on “South – Direction, State, and Movies

  1. Thank you for sharing my post, Ashok! And thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed your take on the prompt, as well. As for idli-sambhar, you won’t believe how incredibly soft my grandmother’s idlis are, and how satisfyingly delicious both her sambhar and my mother’s sambhar are. Yum!

  2. Your post deserves sharing and a lot more appreciation, Vijaya! I think I’m following your blog now – and will keep on reading from you.
    Thanks for being here with your beautiful comment! Grandmother’s Idlis – ah, like my mom and wife, even my grandmother doesn’t make or have any idea about South Indian food – hell with these ladies:)

    Jokes apart, my mom and wife make amazing Rajma chawal and matar-paneer ki sabji. Hope, some day they think about trying out some South Indian dishes as well!

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