I never thought about it before.

Shadow? What does it do to me? Why should I be bothered about it?

Yes, I’ve seen my shadow several times. And of houses. Trees. Mountains. People. Animals. But I never really thought about it.

But today’s prompt did make me write about it. And now when I’m here writing about it, I am just typing out what’s coming to my mind.

There’s science behind why shadows are there, chasing us. We can put the blame on the play between light and darkness. But I think there’re cultures wherein people do talk a lot of strange things about shadows.

In Ramayana (a popular Hindu scripture), we read about a demon in sea who could catch birds flying the sky by catching their shadows on the sea. The demon did the same thing with Hanuman (a devotee of Lord Rama). However, Hanuman taught the demon a good lesson and then went about finding Sita (Lord Rama’s wife).

You also must have watched or heard about people who do amazing things with shadows. They primary use their hands to create images of birds, babies, trees, and other things on the surface.

Shadows have been here for long. And, they’ll probably be there till we’re here.

What do you think? Ever thought about shadows?


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