I find it hard to say no to people

It’s uncomfortable, right?

In fact, saying no feels like stepping on iron nails.

Unfortunately, I regularly come across situations where I want to say no, but end up saying yes. And that often leads me to feel bad about myself.

For the last couple of days, this sweet woman from a job consultancy was chasing me to attend an interview at her client’s premises. I wanted to say no since the job location was quite far from where I put up. However, owning to my habit, I kept on dragging the thing until she stopped chasing me since I wasn’t picking up her phone.

I felt bad.

Everyday I fail to live up to what I say, I feel bad. Only if I can say No at the first place, I think I can save myself from a lot of these embarrassing situations.

But even when I try, people don’t take my No. They keep on trying until I give up. So, is the problem with the people? Or, with me who gives up?

I was reading a piece online where the writer said that saying No is an art. It must be. And I’m a total failure in this art.

I’m trying hard to get rid of this habit or whatever it is.

Do you also find saying no difficult? Share.


One thought on “I find it hard to say no to people

  1. Yes! Indeed, it’s hard… saying no means we have to be at least prepared for looks of disdain or disappointment, prepared to let people down, prepared to be disliked even only for a while. It’s hard, but after you sacrificed yourself too much for the sake of fulfilling that “yes”, maybe one day you’ll find it easier to start saying no when you have to ๐Ÿ™‚

    Interesting blog, Ashok, I’m going to follow your blog too ๐Ÿ˜€

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