Hope – what it is to me?

Hope is a divine word.

Keeps you hold on to things, even when nothing is going your way.

Most of us hope that everything will eventually fall in place, no matter how the picture looks as of now.

Most of us hope that someone is up there, watching us, loving us, guiding us, and will be with us in our times of need.

But, it pains when hopes get broken.

When the person you’re hoping on says no.

And when things really don’t fall into place.

We-the-humans are mistreating our biggest gifts bestowed by the nature – and we’re seeing the repercussions. But still some of us hope that everything somehow will get normal on its own. Some of us are actually doing their tiny bit. Again in the hope that their efforts will bear fruits.

Hope keeps us alive.

But, we got to understand that hope alone cannot do miracles – we’ve to do something – no matter how tiny – to hope for a better tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Hope – what it is to me?

  1. Truly beautiful. Hope is life sustaining. When we lose hope….we often lose track of ourselves and the people we are meant to be….hope is such an important thing and such an important and vital component of human nature.

    1. Well said, Allison. Hope is life sustaining. And now here I’m hoping that you’ll regularly visit this blog and interact through the comment box 🙂
      Have a nice day!

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