What it takes to write well?

I believe you need to have a great understanding of what you’re writing for, if you want to write something that people find interesting and inspiring.

You need to know the topic or subject so well that you can close your eyes and see it right there, in-front-of you. Unless you’ve this kind  familiarity with what you’re writing about, the uncertainty will reflect in your writing and mar the user experience you want to create through your copy.

Second, you got to be very selective with the words that you use in your copy or blog or whatever you’re writing. Remember, in writing or life in general, what matters most is how you say it or write it, rather than what you say or write about.

Pick the right words and weave them together with passion and power – and yes, don’t forget to omit needless words from your writing (remember the rule so very clearly mentioned in the ‘Style of Elements’?)

Third thing is editing – You can edit your work right away. Or, can wait for a day or two to come to the piece with a set of fresh eyes. Read your work aloud so that you can figure out if the flow is right and words are making sense.

Writing, as they say, is a craft. Even the best players in the game have sweated it out for years before they became everybody’s envy in the writing world. You, I, we also need to go through the same process – sadly, there’re no shortcuts to writing that touches hearts and evokes emotions. If you want to write well, you’ve to sit and bleed.

This is my take on writing. You might have a different one. So why don’t we talk about that?

Share your ideas on writing in the comments below.


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