Your life can change in just one minute

I remember I once read an inspirational book with this kind of title: your life can change in one minute or so.

It’s been years since I read that book. I don’t know where I kept or thrown that book. Honestly speaking, I don’t care.

But yesterday I was in metro. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought about this book, particularly its title. I wondered whether we can really change our lives, and that too in one minute or one hour or one day.

Is it possible to change who we are, how we are, what do we have, or what do we want to have? Is it really possible?

Yes, I’ve heard about, read about people in those rags-to-riches stories. But let’s get real, how many of us succeed in having the courage to dream big and then chase that dream?

I got out of metro and started treading towards my home on foot.

And then in that moment, I felt like that we indeed have powers – powers to change us, our lives in just one minute, in just one second.

In one minute, when we close our eyes and promise ourselves that we will never be the same again.

In one minute, when we shed our fears of losing our jobs and become authentic, to speak our mind.

In one minute, when we prepare to face the consequences of chasing dreams.

In one minute, when we realize that we’ll all eventually die, will be cremated, and forgotten sooner or later.

In one minute, when we realize that we’re really short on time – and that we just cannot afford living some others’ live – that we must live ours – that we must walk our path.

Our daily life crushes our dreams, our aspirations, our hopes – but then if only we continue to find a little time for ourselves to think through,  to take risks, we’ll really be able to make a difference, and live a life beautifully.

What’s your take on this? Can we really change our lives or one aspect of it?

Let’s talk.


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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