For the nights, when your baby doesn’t let you sleep

My little birdie has given us more than our share of sleepless nights. He is 3 months now, but still keeps us awake most nights.

When you get a baby in your life, a lot changes in and around two of you. If your baby is also giving you more sleepless nights than normal, you can try some of the things or all of the things that we learnt online and tried at home.

See whether your baby has colic – it’s a condition wherein your baby cries a lot than normal and thus keeps you awake most nights.

See a child specialist. There’re medicines for colic and that should help.

Getting to know about a thing also makes you mentally prepare for the same.

Babies get a lot of gas. My baby seemed full of gas for some days. Twisting him to a this side or that side will be enough to make him fart 🙂

There’s a lot you can do to help you baby get the gas out of their systems. I’m talking about massages, medicines, and care. Get on youtube, read books on child care, and regularly see your doctor to ensure your child spends most time smiling, cooing, and growing than farting, crying, and keeping you awake and restless for the coming day.

Music also helps. Soft music. Try different tracks and see which one your baby seems to like.

Speaking with parents who’ve been there and have seen and done it all will also help you know your baby better and thus get more sleep during nights.

Last, it is important that you get a little time for yourself as well. You need time to be you, to get connected with the outer world, to get re-energized to play your role as a mom or dad beautifully – so if you stay with mom or dad or brothers the way we do, you can go out for a walk in the morning and evening keeping the baby safe in the custody of your parents or in-laws. And don’t forget your friends. Call them up if you live alone and are finding it difficult to pull it all together on your own.

I’m done – now it’s over to you. How did you survive your days as a first time parent or how you doing it now? Share your tips in the comment box below.







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