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Some days, I feel like my life is nothing but a Blank paper – which doesn’t have anything awesome on it. Some days, I feel this blankness deep within – and this blankness makes me gasping for air, makes me … Continue reading

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I don’t remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. But yes, there’s this one Dream that I so vividly remember. Dream wherein I won won Rs. 5000000. And then I wondered about what to do with it. … Continue reading

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South – Direction, State, and Movies

What is South to me? It’s a direction. And it’s a part of India that I’ve never been to. When I think about South (India), states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala come to my mind. I think I want to … Continue reading

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I never thought about it before. Shadow? What does it do to me? Why should I be bothered about it? Yes, I’ve seen my shadow several times. And of houses. Trees. Mountains. People. Animals. But I never really thought about … Continue reading

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I find it hard to say no to people

It’s uncomfortable, right? In fact, saying no feels like stepping on iron nails. Unfortunately, I regularly come across situations where I want to say no, but end up saying yes. And that often leads me to feel bad about myself. … Continue reading

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Hope – what it is to me?

Hope is a divine word. Keeps you hold on to things, even when nothing is going your way. Most of us hope that everything will eventually fall in place, no matter how the picture looks as of now. Most of us … Continue reading

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I write because it makes me feel special.

Yes, it makes me feel special. And I also earn my living out of it. Writing also lightens me – and makes me feel good about myself. I write in English. And I write in Hindi. And I am getting … Continue reading

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