Some days, I feel like my life is nothing but a Blank paper – which doesn’t have anything awesome on it. Some days, I feel this blankness deep within – and this blankness makes me gasping for air, makes me think what the hell I’ve done with my life, and that no matter what I […]


I don’t remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. But yes, there’s this one Dream that I so vividly remember. Dream wherein I won won Rs. 5000000. And then I wondered about what to do with it. Dad suggested that we should buy a home with this money. I said no. I […]


I never thought about it before. Shadow? What does it do to me? Why should I be bothered about it? Yes, I’ve seen my shadow several times. And of houses. Trees. Mountains. People. Animals. But I never really thought about it. But today’s prompt did make me write about it. And now when I’m here […]

I find it hard to say no to people

It’s uncomfortable, right? In fact, saying no feels like stepping on iron nails. Unfortunately, I regularly come across situations where I want to say no, but end up saying yes. And that often leads me to feel bad about myself. For the last couple of days, this sweet woman from a job consultancy was chasing […]