Being a first time father

He’s now 3 months and 10 days old.

And he’s so very adorable.

Gave me many sleepless nights though. And taught me lots of things. Holding a baby as gentle as love and as naughty as wile air. Oh, forgot, I also learnt to wear him diapers and change them.

I even bottle feed him.

I remember the first time I saw his tiny body. He was so red.

For 24-hours or so, he was kept on a warmer. Naked. Crying. And I would watch him helplessly from a distance.

Cannot tell you how I felt when I held him for the first time in my hands. He was so delicate, so light, so divine. My eyes were moist. And I even cried in the hospital bathroom. I was so very happy being a father!

He’s grown a lot in these 3 months. He’s very active, very powerful, and very noisy.

He gave me, my wife, and rest of the family a tough time in his 4th to 6th week period. I think it was colic (a condition wherein kids cry way more than they usually do and this condition often appears in kids when they’re between one and one-and-a half months old).

He’s 3 months now and spends most of his time sleeping, cooing, and looking at far corners of our room’s ceilings. Pratima and mom were a bit concerned about this habit of his. So I looked for information on this thing through Google. And there I got to know that kids across continents and countries do this. And though I couldn’t find any logical explanation of this behaviour among kids, there was one common thing that parents were saying.

That kids look at angles these times – angles that protect them. Some even said that their parents or grand parents visit to see them. I don’t believe this, but my kid does look at ceilings and smiles and coos.

And yes, he farts a lot.

Will tell you more in my next posts. Your kid must be doing the same things. So share that as well in the comments below.


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