the comforting smell of books

Once upon a time, I would buy my books from book stores.

Then somebody somewhere invented something.

And online book stores came into being.

It’s easy to browse books on these stores. And they give some good discounts as well. So these days I buy my books from Amazon and Flipkart.

I get a little (more) happy when the courier guy calls me up and says, ‘I’m at your office reception. Please collect your book.’

I pay him for the book (I usually opt COD – or cash on delivery). And come back to my desk.

I then look around at all the people busy working, gossiping, drinking water, tea, coffee, roaming around. And then I carefully unwrap the package.

There comes my book.

Shining. Smiling. Waiting eagerly – just like me – to be touched, to be opened, to be smelled, to be read, to be kept at chest all night.

I quickly read the back cover.

Read one word, one sentence from one page and then from another page. And then I bring it closer. To my face. And then I inhale deeply. The smell. That comforts me. That brings me at peace. That brings a little smile around the corners of my face.

I then keep the book on the table. Put it back in the torn package (good enough to keep the book inside). And then I keep that package in my office bag.

When the day ends, I get that bag on my shoulder and take home that book – to read it for days to come, to stay out of the worldly mess for days to come.


Do you also smell books? Share the feeling.




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