Becoming a writer

I usually don’t call myself a writer or a blogger. Though I’ve been writing and blogging for close to 6 years, I fear calling myself a writer. I barely write what can inspire a reader. 

And I read little – hardly one book a month. So though i work as a senior writer with an interactive agency and has been blogging here for 3-4 years, I still fear calling myself a writer.

To me, only those who are passionate about writing can become writers – those who sit, bleed, write, and edit for hours, day after day. I’m not that kind of guy – I hardly enjoy writing. And even when I sit to write, it all goes blank.

The other day I decided to write a book – a love story. I could hardly write 3 pages when I felt that book writing isn’t for me – I better stick to writing blogs, articles, and website content for the clients of my company.

Do you also feel this?

Shouldn’t I and those who don’t get much pleasure out of writing should quite and look elsewhere? What do you say?


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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