Should writers read?

Let me be honest here: i really don’t know the answer.

I do admit that for long I believed that you cannot become a good writer unless you eat, drink, and live a hell lot of books.

However, of late, I have begun to wonder whether writers should really focus this much on reading. Shouldn’t they be doing what they supposed to do, writing? Shouldn’t they devote those 10,000 hours to their craft, to master it?

‘Writing is a craft’ as they say it; and if it is a craft, it can only be perfected with continuous efforts and commitment. Isn’t reading going to be a distraction for the budding writer then? Once he perfects his art of writing, he can read whatever he wants to read.

What do you think? Is reading a very much part of a journey that every writer undertakes in his life, or is it something that can be avoided?


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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