Speak English Fast and Correct With These New Tips

Every now and then a colleague, a friend, or a relative would turn to me and ask this: “How can they learn to speak English?”, and “How did I manage to speak English so well even though I never studied in a convent school and grew among a English loving family and society?”

In this blog post, I am recalling my journey from a boy who was scared of speaking even a single English word to someone who’s quite comfortable with English, and even manages to write for his blog and the digital media agency where I work into as a senior web content writer.

If I recall my school days (I studied in a government school in Delhi), what I distinctly remember is my fascination towards my English book; I would read each and every chapter again and again, and also read the chapter summaries from the Guides and other help books.

Even today, I manage to read at least 2-3 books a month. So, I would say it all starts with READING ENGLISH LITERATURE.


If you cannot manage 2-3 or more books a month, then you can at least read a blog post online (I highly recommend ‘Ozone’ blog posts from The Times of India); I also like to recommend the ‘Brunch’ Magazine that comes with HT’s Sunday newspaper.

Reading would open up your mind for English.

Keep a Diary

Writing a diary is a brilliant way to have a friend with whom you can communicate in English.

Writing in English almost every day is a highly effective way in your quest to speak English fast and correct.

Keeping a diary will allow you to express your everyday thoughts into the language that you so desperately want to learn and speak.

Cartoons and Action Movies

Cartoons and action movies are a lot better options that regular English movies and programs, if you wish to learn something from them.

Last, but not the least, you’ve to practice speaking; find someone who’s willing to help you out. It could be a colleague, or a friend, or a relative.


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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