Writing is a sheer pain, when you’ve not written for long

It’s been a long, long time since i did something on this blog. My mind runs like anything; in one minute, i dream of becoming the next bollywood sensation; in the next minute, i see myself becoming a renowned author of 10-12 books. I just simply cannot control this fucking thing, called brain.

In the last couple of days, i tried 30-40 times to type down a nice blog post, but failed miserably. It seems like i cannot write anything worth anything. But, this time i am adamant and is going to put up whatever comes out on this WordPress editor. I’ll just the ‘Publish’ button once i feel i am done with 300-400 words; i can no longer bear this pain of not being able to write a single post for months.

Once upon a time, i was a regular blogger; every now and then, i would post one thing or another on this blog, without bothering about whether that would be read and appreciated or not. But somehow, i got busy somewhere; days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and now that when i am trying to write something out, i can feel the uneasiness that is overpowering you as i am trying hard to come up with words.

I am feeling happy now; at least i have come this far. From this day onward, i would try to post regularly. I work as a Sr. Content Writer with a digital media agency, and need to sharpen my writing skills, and that i cannot do just by reading more and more books. True, reading helps writers, but in the end if we are writers, we have to write more; we have to focus more on writing, right?

I think i am done here; i am feeling high as i am about to hit the ‘Publish’ button.


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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