My morning rituals. They make me better.

Every morning, when i come to senses, i hear someone deep inside saying, “Buddy, you’ve got two choices to make this morning – either to be happy or to live this day as if you are not required on the planet.” I choose to be happy, to have a smile on my face, to be motivated, to encourage people around me.

I sleep a little more. I take few deep breaths. Stretch with a smile on my face. Wake up. But do not get out of the bed straightaway. I take my time to step out. With closed eyes, i mutter a few words like, “Thank you! I don’t know much about you, but i still love you. I love you because you gave a wonderful family. I love you for the kind of people i am surrounded with. I love you for everything you gave me, including the girl whom i am about to marry. And thanks for everything that you didn’t give me, including that awesome looking Audi A6.

Once i’m done with prayer-sort of thing, i keep my one foot and then the other foot on the floor, and walks to my balcony, from where i get to see kids going to their schools. Oh, they make me so happy, so good. I talk to my plants; and it seems they have started enjoying me company. I feel air on my face, on my body. ‘

I start my mornings with 2-3 glasses of water. Then a cup of ginger tea with the daily newspaper. Oh, it all feels so good. I talk to my mum, to my dad, to my two younger brothers. They are family, and they make me who I am.

I thoroughly enjoy my hours in office. Because of the people there. Because they love me. And, because i…. i love them too. My work – have i told you, by the way, that i work as a senior writer in my company? – makes me feel good.

It all reads and feels like a perfect life. Well, it is; and it is not. I too have my share of downs, and many still seem to be in the pipeline. As Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta – the most revered religious book o Hindus – says, “as long as life exists, difficulties will.” I believe, if life gives you lemons (difficulties), you should try to make lime-juice out of it.

I failed 2 times in my college. I was kicked out of my first job in just 15 days. I worked in a retail shop (my second job), where my store manager threw a jeans on my face, when the floor was full of customers. I had heart breaks. Many days, i had to go to my home by foot, because i hadn’t money to pay for my bus ticket. Hundreds of other things happened. But as the wise men say, “life is about falling down 7 times, and getting up 8.” No matter what happens, the show of life must go on.

This was about my life. Tell me about yours. About your morning rituals. I’d love to know. We’d love to know.



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