My Deepest And Greatest Regret!

I’m 31 now; completed my 30th in the recent august 15. Today, when i look back and think about one thing that i should have done was not to listen to my dad; and mom; to my family, friends, and people around.

I should have listened to myself; to my heart. No, i am not getting philosophical. i am getting emotional. I’m 31 now. Work is good. Life is good. I don’t know. On the surface, It all looks ‘good’. But deep inside, there is someone that keeps telling me nothing much is going good. I should have taken my path. I should have looked into the eyes of my dad, and convinced them on what i wanted to do.

But the problem was i was not clear about what i wanted to do then. It’s still not clear. And in all this not-clear-what-do-do thing, i have spent my 3o years here.

I always wished i had someone in my life who could listen to me, my fears, my nervousness, my confusion, and show me the path i was destined to walk on. couldn’t find any.

The wise men say if life hands over a lemon (troubles), make lime juice out of it (find the opportunity in troubles); i am trying. Trying to smile. Trying to laugh. Trying to make something meaningful out of the mess i have gotten into all these years.

Yes, I have got a wonderful family. Wonderful colleagues. Wonderful friends. Wonderful relatives. But, in the deepest part of my heart and soul, i know i could have done something different, something better, something that i was destined to do.

Tree that has lost its leaves, its hopes!




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