An Engagement Poem

So, when i look back

i remember the day i first met her (sometimes i wish i wouldn’t have met her:) )

she wasn’t my type

but, she was cute

someone you can talk to for hours

someone you can trust for life.

I believe things started happening from that very first day

though i didn’t realize that

i was a fresh broken hearted guy then

and, she came like a person who’d listen to my pain without getting bored

and, she’d pray i get my girl

prays don’t work often.

we kept talking

and, talking,

and, talking,

until we both realized we’ve come a long way together

and, we won’t mind walking the rest of path, together

i told my mom

she told her cousin

families agreed (i still wonder how this became possible, ours was an inter-caste thing!)

a date was settled upon

2 rings were ordered

we called up family, from far and wide

and, GOT ENGAGED:) Image


This was my story. Tell me about yours.




So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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