Woe is I: Grammer Book I’d Happily Recommend

source: www.profkrg.com

For years, i thought of grammar books as something that should be avoided at any cost. “Grammar books suck!,” i would tell everybody. I don’t do it now. So, what made me change my heart? Did somebody inject grammar in my veins? Let me tell you the story.

One fine day in office (days are rarely fine in offices!), i found myself reading the reviews about a book, named ‘Woe is I.’ Someone inside me told me to buy this book. “But, I haven’t even heard about this writer!” i tried to convince that sound inside with my logical mind. ‘Just buy it, you fool,’ somebody shouted from inside. In less than 10 minutes, I lost all my points, and ended-up placing an order for the book.

Now, let me tell you the TRUTH: Right from the first page to the last page, this book is a WOW! It really is. I loved the gems of wisdom, Patricia shared throughout the book. You’ll learn the right use of Colon, Semi-Colon, Exclamation Point (!), and also the right pronunciation of  “etc.” (no, ek-SET-ra is not the right pronunciation; there is no k sound), and many other small yet important Grammar things . Then, you’ll come across chapters, such as Comma Sutra (not Kama Sutra!), and teachings, like you shouldn’t use exclamation point very often.

I usually don’t recommend books (who the hell i’m to tell the people what to read or not), but i really, really want you (yes, you duffer:)) to read this book. No, No, No; i’m not getting any money for making you buy and read this book.  It’s just that ‘Woe Is I’ is a fabulous book (for writers, it’s a MUST.), and very much deserves your time and money.

Now, it’s time to go:) will come up with another post very soon!

Till then, Bye, Namashkaar, and Sayonara:)


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