Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love. 

So, what is it that i hate to love?

Okay, i’m very much clear on this; the only thing (or, person) i hate to love is ME, MYSELF:) No exaggeration! I simply love myself; i mean, i love everything about myself; be it how i look, how i walk on floor or how i talk to my colleagues or buddies; i just can’t help it. I’m MY FAVORITE:)

Yes, sometimes, i feel a little bad about my being so obsessive, so possessive, so ….. (can anybody help me find a word that could rhyme with this obsessive and possessive thing?!) about myself, but, you know, it’s all been programmed in me by someone up there.

There are times when i laugh… and, when i laugh, i really laugh; i mean, that loud laugh that you can hear from half a mile.  Ha Ha Ha:) did you hear i just laugh?

I wish i could love myself a little less; i mean, just an iota less; is it possible? I’m asking you, you dumbo:)

Hope someday, someone will write my biography! Anybody interested? Else, i have to do the thing myself:)

Okay, gotta go home now:) By the way, Thanks WordPress for suggesting the theme! Why i didn’t subscribe to you earlier?


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

  1. Firstally, The most important factor is that every human being should have self-esteem ..When you start loving yourself..then world will love you 🙂 …this will increase your self-esteem. If you’ll get a diary to me..then i’ll write your biograhy…Nice blog… 🙂

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