Prat wants me to buy a smart phone; should I?

“So, why the hell you still stuck with this old, damn phone of yours? Can’t you see you need a new phone, a smart phone actually?” Ady suggested this to me, the way she suggested me wearing tight-fit jeans (the ones that really get tight on your ass!), coloring hair and even holidaying in Goa; well, i, at least, liked her idea of holidaying.

So, this time she seemed after my not-so-new phone; she wanted me to change it; and i immediately got to google my brain to come out with a solid defense as to why i don’t need a new cell-phone.

“Prat, it’s just that smart phones don’t excite me,” i thought it to be the best defense; how wrong i was! Prat isn’t kind of person you can get rid of so easily!

“You’re not an alien, are you?” Prat was looking so much confident to win the debate. “Smart phones are so in these days! 10 year old kids are flaunting smart-phones; 100 year old men are playing Angry Bird on their smart-phones; you’re 30 and you’re working in office; how come you shouldn’t have a smart-phone.” Prat said all this over lunch, and like a fully-prepared lawyer; i, on the other hand, was looking at her face, feeling like a lawyer who’s just lost his very first case in the court.

‘”I just have to make calls once in 2 or 3 days, and not many people call me up! So, this phone is kinda great for a user like me,” it was my last attempt to win the case.

“Grow up, kid!” Prat wasn’t in any mood to let me go, “you make calls once in 2 or 3 days, and people don’t kind of call you up often; don’t give me such lame excuses. ” you should have to have a smart-phone; you’ll make video calls, you’ll play games, download apps from Andy (nick-name of Android) and so much more that you certainly can’t do with this age-old phone of yours.’

Prat closed her case with a  thud on the chair, she was sitting on. “And, the case goes in favour of Ms. Prat” i thought in my mind. I looked at her, nodded my head (to tell her that I QUIT!) and moved out of the cafeteria to my workplace.


So, what do you (yes, you!) think, should i buy a smart-phone? I need strong reasons:)



So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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