If I were a ghost


Ah… let me just get into the mood. Okay, I’m ready! So, if I were a GHOST, the first thing i’d do is  kick asses of all those I never liked when I was alive. What a fun that would be! So, on a rough calculation, there’ll be some 100 asses that’re bound to get my kicks:)

Once done with the ass-kicking, I’d fly to Noida, Sec. 63 to have a cup of TEA. I just love tea from the Tea-stall, near to my first company. And, i also love the guy there; Kishan – The Chai Wala!

When it’ll fall dark, I’d fly in the sky, over the skyscrapers, over the small houses, feeling the cool breeze all over my face. Khoob Jamega Rang, Hawaa, Aasman aur Chaand Ke Sang! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

I’d even drop some candies to the kids played in the streets; i just love kids! As a kid, you know, I loved candies more than my Science teacher! What beauty she was! But, candies were more fun!

I never watched a B-grade movie in a cinema hall; so, I’d slip into a local cinema hall and watch a movie; I just love their titles, ‘Andheri Raat Mae, Diya Tere Haath Mae,’ ‘Aadhi Raat Ki Jawani’ ‘Chokri Huee Jawaan’, etc. etc. I’m sure I’d love to watch them.

And, since it’s quite difficult to live life (errr.. death actually) alone,  i’d find a beautiful she-ghost (bhootni), who could see her life (errr…. death) partner in me; we both, then, would fly together, would watch B-grade movies together, would kick asses together and whenever we weren’t doing all this, we’d be relaxing together on Bedddddd; Oh! how i wish i could get some tall, slender and wild she-ghost! No matter what, i want health conscious people around me:)

Oh forgot the most important thing (like always): i’d visit my mum and dad as well; i know, they’ll be like really sad, really broken; especially my mum. I’d give a brief visit to my buddies as well; coz i love them all.

And, last of all, i’d make sure i appoint someone here to keep updating this stupid blog of mine, posting some nonsense posts, every now and then.

Ah… by the end of this post, i see, becoming a ghost is not that bad; lots of interesting things to do:)

I told you what would i do if i were a ghost; now, it’s your turn. So, tell me, what would you do if you too were a ghost? Just put the things in the comment box below. I’m waitingggg:)


So, What Do You Think??? Tell Me Here:)

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