I’m Thankful to You, Oh Life (A Diary Entry)

Dear Life,
Your promised a lot. But, what you’ve given me has surpassed all that you promised; how on earth, a guy like me can deserve such a beautiful family – a world-best mum, a regular kind of dad (who thinks his son is nothing but useless), and two younger brothers; how on earth, i can deserve such great buddies (they make me complete; they make me who i’m today), and such great colleagues.
I also never thought that i would ever fall in love; i mean, how could a guy like me who was destined to struggle all through his life would have got a chance to look at a beautiful face and lose his heart, but here too, you surprised me, o dear Life. One fine morning when i woke up, i found my heart missing; when i searched for it, i found that stupid heart of mine lying at the feet of a beautiful girl; yes, i too had a love story:) The wise men say that your previous life’s Karmas determine your present life; well, in that case, i must have done a lot of good Karmas in my previous life.
In all these 29 years, o my life, you’ve taught me a lot; you taught me that life is ever-flowing; just like a river that gets around so many bends and boulders; you also make me flow over and around obstacles and difficulties; tons of flying kisses to you, o dear life!

It’s not that i always been the recipient of happy surprises; you, at times, squeezed me like a lemon; stress, pain and defeat became part of my experiences. But, i fully realize, that you wanted me to become tough, you wanted me to realize that success comes at a price, that pain and defeat ultimately brings out the better of you. Thanks for all the lemons (pain, suffering, difficulties), you handed me over; they really taught me a lot.

In the course of my life, so many things have happened, but not every happening was significant (you know na, once a had a strong infatuation towards this science teacher of my class; hell, she was so beautiful). I’ve, however, now learned to skip and mull over or get bogged down by such petty issues; i’m now learning the art of making the best use of time that you, o my life, have allotted to me.

Just wanted to request you one small thing; i’ve learned to face the pain, the sufferings, so i don’t want any more now. I wanted to do something big, something beautiful, something i don’t know now; could you please help me with this?

O life! i want to tell you that i love you… i truly do. I’m not sure how long i’ll be with you or you’ll be with me, but, i’ll love you always! Once again, thanks for teaching me all the valuable lessons:)


2 thoughts on “I’m Thankful to You, Oh Life (A Diary Entry)

  1. This post is really very awesome..After reading this blog I started loving with my life. If you wanted to do something big, something beautiful, something you don’t know now; obviously life will teach you.
    Good Luck 🙂

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