10 PM in the Night

“Bencho****” shouted Varun at the top of his voice. Everybody in the store stopped counting jeans and tops, and starting laughing; though we all were neck-deep frustrated until a minute back, this sudden out-burst of the all-pervasive gaali ‘Bencho*****’ lighten our mood. “Saale, ben ke lod***, jab mood karta hai, audit ko bol dete hain. Din bhar sale karo, aur raat me audit karo” Varun shouted once again, and then, went outside.

I once again got back to ‘counting the jeans and tops’; i wasn’t happy working there. ‘What the fuck I, the D.U. B.COM Honours Graduate, am doing here’ i thought to myself. “Bencho***d. Jaldi Haath Chala” someone shouted from my backside; it was Saklain. “Saale! gaali mat nikalwaa mere muh se. Bencho***, tere haathon me mahndi lag rakhi hai; tu kyun nahi kaam karta,” i shouted back, with all the frustration in my voice and expressions on my face. “Ha Ha Ha… Pahadi ko gussa aa gaya… Pahadi ko gussa aa gaya” Saklain started laughing; he gently, but intentionally, kicked me, and ran outside. “Santok, Kapil, Sandeep (aka Sandy), Anju, and Master Ji (our store’s tailor) broke into pearls of laughter together; i looked around and joined the laughter riot.

“Ben Ke Lodo***! Thoda Kaam Bhi Kar Lo,” Varun had just entered the store and couldn’t help but shout on seeing all the boys running and laughing, and not concentrating on Counting. After all, he was the store-manager, and the biggest fucker around.

11.00 in the Night

“Abai chalo khanaa khaa lete hain,” Kapil, the store cashier, called us all; bencho***d, 1050 rupai ka bill pad gaya hai. Saqlain was the first to got down on the floor and grab the packet of ‘Dal Makhni’ and ‘Naan’. “Ben Ke Lodai, Kaam karne me sabse peeche rahta hai, aur Khaanai ke liye sabse pahle aake baith gaya,” Varun just couldn’t control his temper (i knew the real cause for his bad temper wasn’t this sudden audit, but the fact, that he came to know that his girlfriend had made out to one of her colleagues). “Tere ko kyun mirch lag rahi hai? Sabse jyaadaa sales to main maartaa hun na, har din” Saqlain rose from the floor and hurried out of the store. Santok ran behind him; he was our official middle-man chosen to sort out all issues in the store, in broad day light and in such nights. I was busy with my counting; “Bloody Fuckers,” i murmured.

11.30 in the night

“Abe yaar, mai to majaak kar raha tha; mujhe kya pata tha, tu naaraaaj ho jayegaa” Varun finally broke the silence on the floor. Saqlain continued with eating, with a sulken face. “Ben Ke Lod***, naraaj hai to khaa kyun rahaa hai”  i teased Saqlain (how could i miss out on this golden opportunity; i hadn’t yet forgotten the gentle but intentional kick on my butt). “O B.Com Honours! Chup Ho Ja” Varun said with a request-kind-of-tone in his voice. Santok started laughing, ear to ear. Within no time, we all joined the laughter riot.

11.45 in the night

Two guards (of the mall) popped their heads into our store’s glass doors. “Kyaa Ho Raha Hai, Jee?” asked one. “We’re fucking each-other; wanna joinnn???” Varun shouted at them, unable to control his laughs. “Chutiye Hain Saale” murmured the guard with a large, black mole on his right cheek to the other guard ho was in his under-garments only.”

12.00 in the night

I went inside our small store room, pressed the breasts of the vending machine, and drank the ‘Hot Spicy Soup’ in one go. I relaxed on the floor, tears in my eyes; these guys are such good human-beings, but, this is not the place for me; i gotta go. Owwwwww……. Oh………… somebody had hurled a sports shoe at me, and it had struck me on my head; it was Saqlain, i couldn’t notice this demon’s presence in the store room. “Ha Ha Ha… Ben Ke Lod***… Sapnon Ke Mahal Bana Raha Hai?” Saqlain laughed out loudly and ran out of the store. “I Will KILLLL You, you fuckface” i immediately rose up and ran to catch him; i just wanted to wipe out the very presence of this DEMON from this earth, that time.

Out on the floor, everybody – Santok, Sandeep (aka Sandy), Kapil, Anuj – finally got hold of Saqlain. “Is Saale Ki Pant Utaarte Hain. Cheer Harann Kar Do Saale Ka” suggested Kapil; i gave my nod; Santok was the first to unbutton Saqlain’s jeans. “Abe, Ben Ke Lodo***, maine andar kuch nahi pahnaa hai. Saale, B.Com Honours, teri aisi ki tesi” Saqlain struggled to free himself, but, we were not in a mood to give up on the task. Within next5 minutes, Saqlain was pushed outside of the store, FULLY NAKED. I was smiling at him, from inside the glass doors of the store, along with others.

1.00 AM in the night

We were done the auditing (auditing refers to the counting of jeans and tops and other accessories in the store and matching the figures with the ones supplied by the corporate office); Saqlain had gotten all his clothes back and was now chilling out with a cup of coffee; Anuj was watching some porn with Kapil; Varun was getting into some peace agreement with his girlfriend over the phone; and, I was in Loo that time, with my dreams on the top of my brain, and my north-and-south-poles over the toilet seat.

Within next 30 minutes, we had shut down the store, everybody took his own ways. Out of the mall, i took an auto-rickshaw and reached my home at about 3.oo in the night.


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