Who the hell you think you are, you Fuck Face? I won’t stop writing.

sourcesource:    “why the fuck you’ve been writing posts for this fucking blog of yours? Don’t you know you fucking asshole that the fucking content that you write on this fucking blog of yours is of no fucking use for any fucking asshole on this fucking planet.  So, just stop this fucking writing of yours, else I’ll fuck this damn fucking blog of yours. Understood you fucking asshole?”

I got this fucking (oops! I don’t this kind of fucking words) message from someone i don’t know; i found the message in my Blog’s message section; must be some fucking bastard (ooooops! Why the fucking hell I’m using this fucking language for that fucking bastard living in some distant land of this fucking planet) I don’t pay attention to such fucking assholes (should i?) I get so many views on my posts; I get comments on my post (so what if I force my colleagues and buddies to write them) I’m a man with balls; no fucking face can tell me to stop writing. So, wherever you are, you fuckface, I just don’t’ give you a rat’s ass; do the damn ass fucking thing you can do to stop me.

Why is it that when a creative soul (I’m talking about myself) wants to do some fucking creative thing, some assholes come in between; they send such an annoying message to you.

By now, i believe that fucking bastard has got the fucking message that i’m not here to please his fucking taste (if he has any). Now, i can concentrate better on this fucking thing of writing; by the way, have i told you that i recently got a fucking raise in my salary and a fucking promotion; i’m a fucking sr. writer now; now who the fuck has got balls to tell me that i write blog posts that fuck my readers; they don’t.


“How I Braved Anu Aunty……”, A Fucking Awesome Book

I recently read a book, a fucking nice book: ‘How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollars Company”, the book is truly nice. It’s about a guy who’s done with his graduation and spends the next one year, sleeping late and waking up late; i mean, he does not do any fucking job because he doesn’t like this fucking 9 to 5 office job. Then he encounters this Anu Aunty who’s got a sissy boy of hers; this sissy boy of Anu Aunty is working in an MNC and plans to do some fucking MBA thing.  Now Anu aunty is after the life of Varun (the author of the book) and wants him to work in an MNC (she wants Varun to work under her son in the company). Varun doesn’t want this kind of life and thinks of starting his own business, with his close friend Mal. Rest of the book tells you how he started the business (an e-commerce portal named http://www.almamaterstore.in/). Fucking great tips for budding entrepreneurs.

I’m Yawning

My fingers are feeling tired now; my eyes want the eye-lids to cover them; is is time to close this post? Ah… this means, i gotta go now; just want to say some fucking nice words here; I LOVE YOU; I TRULY DO; I LOVE YOU WHEN YOU LIKE THE POSTS; I LOVE YOU WHEN YOU TAKE TIME TO COMMENT ON THE POSTS.

But, before i end this post, i, once again, wants to shout at the top of my voice (not on you, oh my readers!) that “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, OH YOU FUCKING FACE TO TELL ME TO STOP WRITING? I’M HERE TO WRITE, WRITE AND W R I T E. NO ASSHOLE CAN STOP ME!

Will meet you guys next week.

Bye for now

Your fucking true friend



2 thoughts on “Who the hell you think you are, you Fuck Face? I won’t stop writing.

  1. Hehehhe….very funny and I m really very impressed now by reading your fucking creativity 🙂 now you have started making some fucking gumption 🙂 🙂

    All the best enjoy your blog 🙂 and Keep implementing it always and always with new themes and background.

    Tk cr

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