Oh My D Dogs! I’ve Turned 30 This August 15th


Finally. I’ve turned 30 this August 15th. Big deal? Yes, there is a big deal; I’m feeling a little awkward. I mean, will the kids now call me ‘Uncle’? Or, won’t I be termed as Today’s Youth any longer? I mean… I mean. O Hell! Leave it.

A few of my friends and a few of my colleagues wished me on my Birthday, but many of my friends and many of my colleague failed to wish me (Kutton, Kamino, even a SMS would have done); i love you all who took time to search for my name and number in your cell phones and wished me my Birthday; I hope you’ll wish me next year as well. For those who didn’t take the trouble of wishing me, I just want to say this: GO TO HELL! WHO CARES YOU CALL OR NOT, MESSAGE ME OR NOT. How I wish I could use some more suitable words for you; fuck is not my favourite word. Feeling a bit relaxed now!

My Priorities This Year

Get Married Son

Well, this actually is the priority of my mom and my dad. Both are after my life; they want me to get married becoz some of our so-called relatives have started wispering ‘Arai Ladke Me Kuch Kami Hogi… Tabhi To Mana Kar Raha Hai’. Bloody Good-for-Nothing Insects! So, my parents want me to marry any girl i wish; hell, i want to explore the world first, exploring a girl can wait. Am i right or am i right?

Showing the World Who I Am

I’ve been a confused guy throughout all these 29 years and now that i’m 30, i’ve decided to help the confused youngsters get out of the mud and get on the right track. Only someone who’s gone through the thorny path can understand the pain of the thorns. Anybody need my help? Hello! Hello!

I Want to Make It Big

Not that thing you dirty fellow:) I actually want to tell the world that i’m no ordinary soul, i’m different. By the way, have i ever told you how i used to feel in my 8th standard when my Social Studies Teacher would talk elaborately about how great King ASHOK was, and the kind of big things he did in his life. I want to surpass my previous record:)

Just a Few More Things I Wish to Do:

  • I want to learn dancing
  • I want to learn Martial Arts
  • I want to roll out a Music CD in my regional language, i.e. Pahari
  • I want to perform on stage
  • I want to start a few businesses (a digital agency will do)
  • i want to write a few books (of course, i’ve even planned to sell them off in moving metros to the co-passengers)
  • i want to learn singing

Phew! Got a lot to do in this year. But, as they say, 30 is the age of fulfillment (no body said this, so i’m saying this). I want to live a complete life in this 30th year becoz:

Kya Pata… Kal Ho Na Ho

Even our Kaka once said this in his evergreen movie, Anand: “Babu Moshai, yeh duniya ek rang manch hai, aur hum sab iss rang manch ki kathputliyaan, kiski dor kab khinch jaaye koi nahi keh sakta…”

Feeling a bit tired (is this a sign of getting old, getting 30?) I believe i should stop now; who the hell is going to read this stupid post of mine (is this really a post?)

So, I’m taking your leave now.

Will meet you soon (may be in your dreams tonight:)

Bye n take good care of yourself bcoz i love you:)


5 thoughts on “Oh My D Dogs! I’ve Turned 30 This August 15th

  1. I would have wished you on your B Day but hadn’t got your number. Sorry 🙂 But A day before I wished you before leaving office na. Enjoy your daily life dramas, Nice post.

  2. Liked the post…………..finally you are 30……….and now its time to stop exploring the world alone but to explore it with a suitable partner………and once again sorry for not wishing you on your birthday!!………Next time hopefully you would write a post on how many friends remembered and called you on your birthday…………….:)

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