A letter to God… (from someone who sits all day in an office cubicle)

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Dear Mr. God,

Hope you doing well! But, don’t ask me how I’m doing here because I’m not in a mood to tell you. By the way, I’ve got some questions for you, and I want you to answer them all, NOW!

My First Question

Why this fan hanging over my head runs so fast?

I just can’t help it! I want to pull out this stupid fan from the ceiling over my head and throw it out from the window nearby. But, my colleagues don’t agree; they want this fan right here; I fear they’ll be happy throwing me out (from the same window nearby) rather than throwing this stupid fan which runs so fast over my head.

So, God, can you help me out? I mean, can you? I mean…  I’m waiting!

My Second Question

Why this constant tooth-ache?

The moment I sink my front 5 teeth in my favourite choco bar ice-cream, this stupid corner tooth of mine starts paining me; it does the same when I try to gulp down a few sips of tea.

This Saturday, I went to a dentist; he took an x-ray of my tooth, applied some wetty stuff on the tooth and flashed a smile all across his face. “Hmmm… well, the tooth can’t be saved or treated. We got to pull it out.” He said all this, without any signs of sympathy or empathy for that matter. ”Fuck you!” was all I wanted to shout out at him. I didn’t. I paid him 2oo bucks, took the prescription and went away.

So, God, can you help me out? I mean, you can at least help me get rid of this tooth-ache (but, hey! I don’t want my tooth to get pulled out by some stupid dentist).

My third question

Should I get married?

Well, I’m already 29, and dad says this is the right (actually, he says, 29 is kind of last years when one must get married, else the guy is considered kind of expired medicine) age to tie the knot with a homely girl, who could take care of the husband and his family. But, I’m confused. The problem is, ‘I’ve watched lots of Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor’s movies, and somewhere down in my sub-conscious mind, I feel that someday, someone will come in my life and instantly we two will  fall in love with each-other; we’ll spend kind of many hours looking into each-other’s eyes and holding hands.

So, God, what say? Should I get married? Or, have you got some surprises in store for me, should I wait for a little more time? Tell me.

My Fourth and Last Question

How long I’m gonna sit and spend my life in this office cubicle?

Now, I’m damn serious here. You gotta tell me, here and now as to how long you plan to put me here, in this small cubicle.

See, i’ve no problem with typing down thousands of words for whoever pays us (i mean, whoever pays our company), but… am i going to spend whole of my life doing this? Or, you’ve got some better plans for me, say, riding the latest Audi (you know, how damn serious i’m about owing an Audi car (i won’t mind two as well)), going for a world-tour (hey! i too wish to see myself on Swiss Alps!), having a big bunglow in Zor Bagh/Defence Colony; i mean, you know i like these sorts of things. So? you think, i’m gonna get them all in this life, or perhaps a few of these stuffs, or may be, just an Audi?

I haven’t your postal address, so I thought of putting up this letter here on my Blog; the other day when you came in my dreams you had told me that you, whenever you feel kinda bored, read my Blog posts. So, I thought the next time you come to my Blog, you’ll get to read this letter of mine, for you.

Hope for a quick reply to all of my questions!


someone who sits all day in an office cubicle..


11 thoughts on “A letter to God… (from someone who sits all day in an office cubicle)

  1. LOlllz…………..I never thought you hated this fan so much……….but this post was really a fresh piece from your side which I loved reading……specially the first part ……Kudos!!……:)

    1. Thanks Rashmi! Thanks a lot! It’s always a great feeling having you here, on this Blog.

      Ya, finally i had to shout out as to how much i hate this stupid fan hanging over my head:)

      Take care!

  2. I have a answer of Second Question –
    Kaun sa paste karte ho kya usme namak hai ??????????? :p :p
    Nahi hai na to mummy se bolo namak wala paste laye tab dard nhi hogaa

  3. Answer Of Second Question-
    “Kya aapke tooth pst me namak hai ??????
    Nahi- TO mummy ko bolo namak wala tooth pst lane ko dard chala jayega :p :p :p :p

  4. Hey..nice blog 🙂 every part of this blog is very interesting..Say thanks to God that he gifted you a great and creative mind beyond your imgination..he provided you such mind so that you can solve all your problems and before facing any problem you have an option that is called “solution”. Now God don’t bother about these queries that you mentioned above.

    Great writing :)) Don’t Worry you will get all your answers at right time .. 😛
    Good Luck!!

  5. So.. You have poured ur heart out han..? dats actuallly good..:)
    We all must do it once in a while and feel relaxed having asked such questions to our dear God

    kyaa kahun.. Just keep up ur work.. !! Its always refreshingly good to read ur blogs.. 🙂

    You will get all ur answers when the time comes.. Only Time Will Tell !! 🙂

    Take care !!

    1. Thank You, Shruti:)

      Feeling awesome to have you here, on this stupid blog of mine! Thanks for your beautiful comment, and (of course) for calling me for Shobhit’s birthday party! That Saturday was truly awesome, and you were the master-mind behind all that:)

      You too take care!!!

      Hope you keep logging on to this BLOG, whenever you feel bored/ or have a little time with you!


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