Sarabjeet, Leena (and, Ashok) – A Love Affair of Class Vth

Sarabjeet was a friend (of mine) and a lover (of Leena). We three were in the same school, in the same class. Leena was fair and kind of girl you would love to fall in love with. So,  Sarabjeet, my dear friend,  couldn’t stop himself and got in the trap. I, being a close-friend of Sarabjeet, had no option but to help him out, in whatever he was upto.

Every Sunday, Sarabjeet would come to my home to pick me on his bi-cycle.  He would then direct his cycle towards ‘Leena’s Mohalla (colony)’. We would keep our eyes on the surroundings, making circles around her home at the same time. So clever we were, in those good, old days!

More than often, we (i mean, Sarabjeet) would get a glance of Leena through the window of her room; that day Sarabjeet would buy me a Samosa (as a token of his love towards Leena and gratitude towards me). All other days (when he wouldn’t see Leena through the window of her room) Samosa was out of question. This is how, we two were spending our weekends.

That Day was a Sunday

That day was also a Sunday. He came to my home, made me sit on his bi cycle and we drove towards her Mohalla. On the way, i had started feeling the urge to sit down in some wilderness and relax my upset stomach. I couldn’t hold that urge for long and the moment we reached the entrance of her mohalla (colony), i jumped out of his bi cycle. “Yaar! Bahut jor ki lagi hai. Main yahi hoon, tu chakkar maar ke aa jaa. Main yahi miloonga” i could merely talk at that time. Sarabjeet didn’t want to wait for me, so he moved on.

10 minutes! 20 minutes! 30 minutes! 1 hour…

i waited for about an hour (after relieving my stomach of the excess weight:)) but Sarabjeet didn’t come. I went back on my own.

Next Day. In Class.

He was as usual sitting next to me, on the same bench. But, that day Sarabjeet was looking a bit different – a swollen eye, a band-aid on nose and a rather unusual red face.

Here is the story that unfolded later:

After leaving me in that wilderness, Sarabjeet headed towards Leena’s home (unaware of the fact that Leena’s two brothers had come to know about our Sunday’s movements around their home). The moment, he stopped his bi-cylcle a few inches from Leena’s home and started wandering close to Leena’s room, the Two caught him by hands and then….. then, Sarabjeet couldn’t see anything except blows coming from everywhere. They even broke the handles of his bi-cycle.

I showed my sympathy towards him, patted him on his shoulders and went out of the class room; but, then, there was  a smile on my face which immediately turn into tons of laughter once i entered the bathroom of my school:)

Phew! but, what would have been the case had i been there, with Sarabjeet that day???


5 thoughts on “Sarabjeet, Leena (and, Ashok) – A Love Affair of Class Vth

  1. loll…..very funny……it seems the urge to attend nature’s call saved you from the black and blue rounds……………humorous piece…..well done!!

  2. Always, Any tym your most welcome dear 🙂 Nice blog..yeah.. of course you had been there with your friend Sarabjeet ..Ashok is such a innocent guy..always makes his stomach hungry like Me :)) I will suggest that Try to maintain continuous flow of thoughts (ideas) and will let all your posts reverberate it in a innate way 🙂

    Good luck 🙂

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