29 is a fabulous age to be at (but, not for the bachelors)

By 29, you’ve seen a good part of your life (and know what more you want out of your life). You’ve voted a few times (and, have realized that all the politicians are crooks). You’re grown-up fully (in terms of physique and mentally), and have a wife (or, at least, a girl friend by your side) and kids. But, what if  you’re still a bachelor???

Parents are always after your life

Well, after all, they’re parents, right? It’s really difficult for you and me to understand the pain, parents go through when they see their son at 29, without a wife by his side.

Sometimes, even friends bring this topic to the table, and the worst part is, you don’t have a good answer with you. The only words that come out from your mouth are like, ‘Ah… Actually! Yes, but! No actually!’

In the silence of morning, you often think to yourself, ‘should I get married? I mean, all guys get married, right? So, what’s the harm?’ But, nothing concrete comes out.

In the meantime, parents go to all those priests, baba, and whoever they think they should go to, and they tell your parents that, ‘Ladke pe kisi ka saaya hai! (the boy is under influence of some evil spirits)’ Parents get all the more scared. When you get to know all this, you’ve no option but to LOL (Laugh It Loud). Finally you go to your parents and announce, ‘Dad! Mom! Of course, I’m gonna get married. It’s just that I want some time, I’m not feeling like getting married abhi’. They don’t understand.

You like to spend more time in office (bosses are often happy with these sort of bachelors@29) than at home. You behave like that of an ostrich who sinks his face in the sand hoping that no one will notice him (how stupid ostriches are!), but then, even your colleagues seem to notice that you’re at 29, still without a wife and kids around.


6 thoughts on “29 is a fabulous age to be at (but, not for the bachelors)

  1. Very nice……..it was a breezy post to read and loved the beginning and the end! Get married when you want to rest will fall in place. 🙂

    1. Still you are unmarried :))))))))))))))))))))))) Take some time friend as this is the best part of your life that you are living now. After that you will be in middle of the road. From one side your mom will say you to do this task and from other your wife 🙂 What a dilemma ! When u think that you are ready to handle all the responsibilities go ahead and climb the mountain:) All the best.

  2. Very nice blog 🙂 @ 29 people should get married ..hehehhe.but the fact of 21st century is that smart boyss can realize their life without wife and Kids..but can’t imagine without Girlfriendss 😛

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