Celebrating The Failure…

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I still remember that day. My 8th class results had just been announced. I had got an compartment (which meant, i had to clear my 2 subjects – Maths and Science to be promoted to 9th class). I was down with a broken heart; reached home and sadly announced my failure to my family. It was my mom who spoke first…”तभी  तो  कहती  थी  की  पढ़  लिया  कर . अब  हो  गया  ना   फ़ैल . भगवान् , क्या  होगा  इस  लड़के ” and she went on and on and on…

Now, it was my dad’s turn; i expected a good beating from him, but he, instead took me out. To a restaurant.

“What would you eat?” dad asked. “Ah….. Wo….” i couldn’t say anything. I was hugely embarrassed. “How about Samosa and cold-drink?” he helped me choose the food. “Okay! But, dad, i’ve failed the exams! I mean, i’ve got compartment.” i informed me (i also feared that he might have brought me here to thrash me in-front-of everybody)

“Yes, i know that. And, that’s why we’ve come here. To celebrate your failure, son” he said, with a generous smile on his face. “Life is all about successes and failures; and we shouldn’t just celebrate our success, we should celebrate our failures as well because failures often become the foundation for success, so they’re damn important” he told me these gems of knowledge, without any ado, with a simple smile on his face.

“Don’t fear failures. Until and unless you face failures, chances are, you won’t succeed.” dad added. We enjoyed our Samosas and Cold-drinks and moved out for a long evening walk.

Today, when i look back at my life, at my failures, i can clearly see, how much that failure (and many more failures that came my way later) added to me, my perception towards this world.

Thanks Dad:)


7 thoughts on “Celebrating The Failure…

  1. True fact..majority of the people in this world are failures. If we can’t enjoy our failure we would surely lose a valuable time of our life. And of course, that kind of treatment from a father is a confidence booster.

    Very good message in the blog.

    1. But, then we’ve to use our failures into successes, the way that very much known scientist did, when he made a great discovery after 10,000 experiment failures.

      Thanks Tanmaya for dropping by! Thanks a Tonnnn:)

  2. After reading your post, I remembered my first failure, when I flunked for the first time in my Maths exam!………My family took me out for a great dinner and gave a message it’s OK to fail, try harder next time……..I took the first message too seriously and failed the second time……………..dis time it was followed with a round of beatings!………….But now when we look back we all share a good laugh……….:) My failures have made me what I am today………….Great post with a great message!

    1. Ha ha ha! Failures in life should be celebrated, but, by no means, they should be repeated. Loved you stumbled on my post and shared this incident with all of us:)

      By the way, which subject you failed the next time?

      1. I flunked again in Maths!!…………and den many more subjects……….but let’s not spill the beans here!!……..;p

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