Who Killed The Girl with “Blue Eyes”

It’s raining outside. Thank God! I’m inside. Though, it is a studio apartment, i’m happy. Oh! My tea is ready now. Let’s go out in the balcony and let the drops of rain fall on my palm and in my mouth, I just love playing with rain. I used to drench myself completely when I was a kid. But, then, one day pneumonia caught me and from that day onwards, I stopped drenching my body in the rain. Dropping my hand out in the rain seems no harm.  So, here i’m, enjoying drops of rains on my palms and tea on my lips. What a divine experience! But, who’s that girl, there?

Oh! that’s my neighbour! Though we do not talk (even though we live so nearby), I recognize her face, particularly her two big, Blue Eyes. It’s not that I never tried to talk to her, but I believe, she never showed any interest. We would look at each other whenever crossing roads and pass a feeble smile at each other. But, what is she doing in her balcony? Does she also like getting her palms drenched with drops of rain? Or, has she spotted me outside and is now trying to woo me, in her thin top which is dangling above her navel and a skirt, which does not go below her knees? What actually she is up to?

Hmm… so, shall I wave my right hand towards her? Or, shall I pretend that i’ve not seen her? What should I do? Hey! But, what’s that shadow doing there, behind her???

Hell! It’s the shadow of a guy! And, what that guy is doing up there? Is he her boyfriend? No, no, no! I think, he is her brother. Yes, he must be her brother? But, why is he touching her on her back? Move out, you son of a ……? But, why is she letting him do all this? He must be his boyfriend, then? Leave it! Why the hell I should lose my mind? I’ve got this cup of tea in my hand. And, then, it’s also raining so wonderful. Ah! I better go inside. I am not interested in this soon-to-turn B-grade movie.

I’m on my new, black beanbag now. “But, Why the hell she is crying like this, as if someone has been stabbing a knife in her back? She doesn’t seem to know, how to make love.”, I’m again in my balcony, after hearing another loud shrill of that girl. And, from here on my balcony, I can see…

The same girl in that balcony, being thrown out on to the road.

source: http://www.women.jo

And, it is the same guy who’s throwing her down. But, why? Why is he killing her? Before I could regain my senses and moist my dry lips, the girl is dead on the road below her balcony, and the guy is out on his motor cycle. Everybody is now out. But, the guy has managed to vanish in all this chaos on the street.

A Police van has come on the spot (the way, it comes in all our movies). The men in dress are inspecting the “Scene of Crime” and asking the neighbours about the incident. Nobody knows nothing. Nobody, except me. But, i’m damn scared. If the guy can kill her, he can kill me too, right? And, I don’t want to die. I just want to enjoy my cup of tea and drops of rains on my palms. I’m moving inside my studio apartment, though it is a studio apartment, i’m liking it…..

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