And, I never Offered Apples to Any Girl, After That.


 Long time back, I was a senseless, carefree type of guy. And those were the days when I had been working in a retail chain. Location was Select City Walk. And uniform was ‘Red T-shirt and Blue-jeans’. I still remember how beautifully and delicately my low rise jeans used to dangle on my ass-crack. I was a stylish guy then. (Hey! I’m not a gay and not going to entertain you with what else I used to do in those good old days. I’m just coming to my Apples.)

Must be the month of December when a girl joined our sales-team. Richa was her name. Not more than 21 years. And, what a beauty she was! I just fell… in Love with her at the very first day I saw her (that must have been 7th or 8th time in succession that I found myself falling in love). Within next few days, we became more than colleagues. We started lunching together. And soon I found out that she loved Apples a lot. In fact, she would die a thousand time to have an Apple in her mouth (God! Do all girls love apples???). But, you know what, those were the days when Apples were very costly (they still are!), but I literally forced my mom to get them for me so that I could bring her apples every day. I still remember how her eyes would sparkle seeing Apple in my hand.

This went on for months, until that day, when she came up to me when I was standing near our store-entrance. Without a bit of hesitation, she looked straight into my eyes and opened her mouth, ‘I know, you are seeing a girl these days’.  My heart sank in my chest as a bucket would sink in the deep well.  ‘Who told her?’ I just thought to myself.  ‘And, I know her name. Shall I tell you?’ Richa continued, with a mischievous smile on her face. ‘Has she sensed my love? Is she also in love? Is she also in love… with me???’  dozens of questions started filling my otherwise empty brain. ‘I’ll tell you tomorrow’, she winked and went away to attend a customer who just entered the store. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t close my open jaws.  ‘Is she going to propose me tomorrow? Is she going to be on her knees tomorrow? Is she going to kiss me straight on my dry lips? I kept on standing there, producing questions and waiting for tomorrow to come and answer all my questions. Tomorrow did come.

Tomorrow, Time: 4.30 pm

I had forgotten the yesterday. And I was busy handling a customer. In fact, I just managed to send him inside the trial-room for jeans. I had some more jeans on my arms (in case, he does not like the ones he has inside the trail room.)  Suddenly, Richa appeared there from nowhere. She looked at me (God! I still remember that smile on her face.) Extended her arms towards me (may be, she had a ring ready, i thought!) I also extended my right arm to hold her hand in mine. Magical moments were they! Only if I could have managed some 3-4 violinists in the background. The moment I took her hand in mine, I felt that she had something in her hand. What was it???

But before I could take my eyes down to see the thing that was now in my hand, she came close to my body, and whispered, ‘Ashok! We will be great friends.’ I just couldn’t understand anything. Before I could respond to this ‘not-so-understandable conversation’, my customer came out of the trial-room, (God! Why the hell he chose this very moment to show his face when I had been waiting for him for the last 20 minutes?). I looked at my customer, he just swayed his head and hands in disappointment and gently threw all the jeans (which he took inside for trial) on my right arm. He didn’t like any of them. He patted on my shoulder and went out. I didn’t mind the failed sales attempt and started looking around for Richa. She wasn’t in the store. I suddenly remembered that i had something in my hand. I opened my hand. It was a Barista’s Cookie.

Later in the evening, I found out that she has left the job and would now move to Lucknow. Her marriage had been fixed there.

I cried all night (aur Us Raat Apun Do Baje Tak Piya:)…). I cried many evenings that followed. My heart had been shattered into thousands of pieces). And, perhaps from that time on, I never offered Apple to any girl.

Note: The story is a figment of my poor imagination. It has no relation with any living or deal man, woman, or animal. If one finds any thing related, it is just pure coincidence:)


5 thoughts on “And, I never Offered Apples to Any Girl, After That.

  1. very nice………after that incident you stopped offering apples and started offering Bananas and Oranges to everyone………and not to miss Dalia too…………

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