A Boy, A Girl, A Lip Gloss, and Congress…

“Congress is not gonna win this time”, declared a young guy, standing just next to me.  He must be in his twenties. And, I believe, the girl standing close to him must be his girlfriend. “Even I think so”, added the girl, while adjusting lip gloss on her lips.

“BJP  seems to have a strong chance this time. You know, how many scams Congress has been into? BJP definitely has a chance”, the young man opined, putting all wisdom in his words and expressions.    “Ya! So many minister fellows  involved. BJP gonna win”, agreed the girl. (Why girls don’t take one single stand???)

”But, Congress has been in power for so many years. You know na? And, haven’t you seen Rahul Gandhi these days? He is going village to village for votes. He even eats daal-roti with those poor fellows. He’s gonna do something really big in UP. Even his sister, Priyanka has joined him, with her two kids, didn’t you see them on TV?”, the boy asked while keeping that GENIUS-LIKE expression on this face (and in his tone).

“Arayae Haan… I remember I remember. She was looking so pretty, i tell you. I really liked her boy-cut hair style (at the same time, adjusting lip gloss on her lips). I think, I should go for the same haircut. What do you say?”  “Ya! Go on! you will look great”, boy said carelessly. The girl smiled and then, looked around. Her eyes met with mine, she didn’t blink, i didn’t blink. She didn’t blink, i didn’t blink. I could see her smiling. Was that smile for me??? My heart started pounding.

“By the way, are you going to vote this time?” the boy disrupted.  “Na! can’t. I’m going Spa with Mini. You know Mini na. I’m gonna do pedicure as well”, the girl replied while keeping one eye on me. “And, what about you? You going?”, the girl threw the ball in boy’s court. “Naaa! It’s India-Australia 20-20 that day. Ritesh, Dumpoo, Ritek are coming over. Gonna party. Won’t be able to go. These Election Commission fellows. They always do this. Couldn’t they schedule this election thing one or two days before or after this match series”.    “Ya, you’re right! They just don’t care. Why should we?” (She pulled out her lip gloss out of her bag and applied it once again on her lips. God, this girl seems to eat, drink and sleep this lip gloss thing!) Just then…

The boy extended his hand over the shoulder of the girl (Only if he could see that anger in my eyes, he wouldn’t have done that), brought her a little closer to his face (all eyes in the bus glued to this boy and this girl), and…….  no, no, no. They didn’t kiss. The boy said something in her ears and then, both started laughing.

By this time, the bus reached my stop (Mohan Corporate Estate, New Delhi – 110044). Alas! I had no option but to get down, leaving behind the Two in the bus:)

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4 thoughts on “A Boy, A Girl, A Lip Gloss, and Congress…

  1. Very nice incident……………..but girls don’t apply lip gloss every two minutes……………but yes more than elections………lip gloss is more important for us……….:)

  2. Excellent write-up. But like Rashmi pointed out, you could have done a little research of minute things like Lip Gloss. Still, it is as good as your previous write-ups. Keep up the good work bro.


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