She caught me in the cafeteria (i wish i had the courage to jump out of the window)


She caught me in the cafeteria. Before i move on with my encounter with this girl, let me give you a small introduction of this ‘She’.

This ‘She’ is my colleague. And, this ‘She’ also has a BIG MOUTH. In fact, a BIG, WIDE MOUTH.  And, once she opens her mouth, nobody can shut that up (not even Barack Obama!). All her talks start with ‘Her’ and also end with ‘Her’. It seems as if this world starts with Her and will end with Her. One would rather die than be in her company.

So, this time she found me. The moment she saw me standing in that remote corner of our office-cafeteria, she accelerated her pace.  There was no escape. I couldn’t disappear (how I wished I would have been Mr. India for those few moments!). I couldn’t jump from the window on my back-side (I was on the second floor, so i didn’t like the idea of jumping from there). So, I had to be there, with trembling legs, drying throat, and pumping heart.

I had no other option but stretch my lips (in fact my whole face) towards the corners.

O On seeing me, she almost ran towards me (as a predator jumps on its prey). “Hi Ashok! What’s up you, Writer? Kya Haal Chaal? You know what… I’m waking up at 5 these days. You know, how energized I feel these days? In fact, you should also try it. Initially, it’s like an uphill task to wake up so early, but once you do this 5-6 days, you will get used to it. Arai yaaar, I’m telling you. You should. In fact, you must. Okay, I do one thing…”, she kept on talking and talking and talking.


Only if I had ‘Fevicol Marine’ in my hands, I would have put the whole bottle into her mouth. Alas! I didn’t have any.

30 minutes passed and she was still speaking. It seemed as if she will speak for eternity. Even my ears started bleeding. I was crying (in my heart and soul) for help but nobody came to my rescue. She was still on – “You know Ashok, this time period – morning 4 TO 6- is called Braham Muhurat. It’s the God’s time. Bla…bla….bla….bla’ the only words that I could hear now were, “I wake up at 5 in the morning. I wake up at 5 in the morning’’. And, then, suddenly, from nowhere, he appeared in the scene.

This ‘He’ was my boss. He was looking for me (after all, i was absent from my work-place for more than half an hour). He spotted me in cafeteria, talking (acutaly listening) to this chatter-box. “Ashok! Are you done with the web page content for the client” he asked from the distance. “Not yet. Actually, i need to give the content a second look. I just come”, i looked at Puja (yes, this is her name), made my face as if i have to leave (hurray! was something that my heart sang that time). I almost ran from there.

Next Day:

I was more careful this time. I looked around for Puja and when i was confident that she is not around, i made my way towards the cafeteria for a cup of tea. But, before i could enter the cafeteria, i saw two figures inside. One was of Pooja. Yes, it was Pooja only. I could even hear her from this distance. I peeped inside to see who the other guy is.  The other person was listening (and, i could see his face and that  he was about to faint and fall down).

It was my boss!!!   (i laughed at the plight of my boss and disappeared from there):)


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7 thoughts on “She caught me in the cafeteria (i wish i had the courage to jump out of the window)

  1. Wonderful piece………….. from the great blogger himself…………..great humor sprinkled with the right amount of sarcasm……….everyone meets this character some or the other time………………!!…….keep the good work going

  2. Very nice blog and really appreciable..This story is very similar to my real life. It reminds me of one of my close friends..When she started speaking.I wished I would have been Ms. India for those few moments!

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