Stop Living! this way…


It seems as if:

We’re living because we’ve no other option (we fear the very thought of dying!)

We’re living as if we’re here for eternity…

We’re living, but, really seem to have no clue as to why we’re living


Just close your eyes (for a few seconds only! and after you read this piece of writing)

Take some deep breaths, and give reflection on “WHAT WE’RE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?’

Think what is it that YOU WANT (that you really want)?

Think why are YOU not happy?

And, then, think that you’re (and we all are) here for just once (it’s just one life that we have got)

Now, isn’t it viable that we should break all these shackles that have been put on our mental, physical, and spiritual being? Isn’t it viable that we should stop worrying about what others would say when we will chase our dreams?

Stop clinging to the past? Let it go! Let it go!

I don’t know how good (and grammatically correct) this post is, but the point that I want to make here is: Let’s commit ourselves (in this New Year) to Live and to Live Differently.

ImageLet’s dare to face the fear! Let’s dare to see dreams! Let’s dare to put all our dreams into reality!

LET’S DO IT! (before it’s too late). 


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