Life of a Content Writer…

Hard. In fact, pretty hard. Every morning, you go to your office, switch on your Adam-Eves’s times’ computer system, look around for a few moments, and start typing (i mean, writing). There are days when i feel like as if i’ve been typing (i mean writing) since ages without fail and will keep on writing like this till the last second of my breath on this planet, filled with cruel people (and, my boss tops the chart of all cruel idiots). Oh God! Save this innocent child. Just look at my face. Pleazzzzeeee

So, this Friday, my boss came to my workplace. Looked into my eyes (Shall i say, he tried to frighten me with those big, wide-open owl-like eyes and shall  i say that yes, i got scared…very much). “What the hell you’ve written, Ashok? A school-going kid can do better on this”, came the words from his big mouth (and came along that bad, guttery smell). ‘What happened, Boss?’, i asked. ‘Nothing. You know what Ashok, You’re Good for Nothing. I had told you to write down a crisp PR for the company. Hadn’t I? And, see what’ve you done. It looks like… looks like a stupid BLOG! What to do with you and your silly mistakes? I just can’t tolerate you anymore. I just can’t.’ I had no option but to stand there and listen to what he was saying (or barking!). I felt like a Bakraa who’s about to be put under knife. But, just then….she came!

Our operations manager. I liked her. Or shall i say, i loved her. And, why shouldn’t i (or, for that matter, anybody on this planet who knows what beauty means)? She is 5”9 (5 feet 9 inch), with two big, beautiful eyes, one finely curved nose, two inviting lips, a Suraahi daar neck, and all the things or features, one can ever wish for (yes, all things, all features… all things, all features!). She came on spot as if an angel comes to help. She took no time to understand the things (God! she is so intelligent!) and asked to see the copy (the PR that i had written).

She read it. And, she read it with wide-eyed (gape is the right word here). She looked at me and asked, ‘Ashok, have you done this?’. ‘Yes mam’, i said. ‘You’re a Genius, i’ve never seen such a PR before. It’s different. And, this is what we need to differentiate ourselves from the rest in the market. A different product, a different service, and yes, a different PR’. She patted me on my shoulder and gave a naughty wink. My boss was down to ruins and i was up above the ninth cloud.


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